Tamilnadu map

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Tamilnadu map

New and enlarged Edition the seventh. Part II. IndiaMap of the Tinnevelly District Survey of the bounderies of Purgunna of Bangalore Maps described in the published catalogue Sketch plan of the attack on Seringapatam Mysore Pencil, pen-and-ink and wash with water-colour sketch plan of the attack on Seringapatam by an unknown artist, dated Srirangapatnam is an island set in the River Kaveri in the modern-day state of Karnataka in the south west of India.

The Vijayanagara rulers built a fort here in and in it became the capital of the Mysore Wadayar Rajas. Later it was the capital of the renowned Rajas of Mysore, Haidar Ali c. The Rajas were responsible for turning the small state of Mysore into a major Muslim power. Four successive wars were fought for control of southern India. In Haidar was defeated and died a year later but the military campaign was continued by his son, Tipu. The final battle took place in May when the British stormed the fortress and Tipu Sultan was killed.

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tamilnadu map

Colin MacKenzie joined the East India Company as an engineer at the age of 28 and spent the majority of his career in India.

He used the salary he earned from his military career as a captain, major and finally a colonel to finance his research into the history and religion of Indian culture. During his surveys he collected and recorded details concerning every aspect of Indian architecture, language and religion, resulting in thousands of drawings and copies of inscriptions.

Mamallapuram, a tiny village south of Chennai Madraswas a flourishing port of the Pallava dynasty from the 5th - 8th centuries.

The site is famous for a group of temples, a series of rock-cut caves and monolithic sculptures that were most likely created in the 7th century reign of Narasimhavarman Mahamalla.

Bangalore Far East Illustrated with 32 photographs [including portraits]. Jaghir Lands. Partie, l'Inde et Ceylan. Asie India II. Madras Presidency. India I and Ceylon.Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate. However Compare Infobase Limited and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.

Maps of India - India's No. Map of Tamil Nadu in Hindi. Villages in Tamil Nadu.

tamilnadu map

Cities in Tamilnadu. Tamil Nadu Map in Tamil. Chennai Airport. Coimbatore Airport. Kanyakumari Airport. Madurai Airport. Tiruchchirappalli Airport. Districts of Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu Roads. Tamilnadu Railways. Chennai Metro. Rivers of Tamilnadu. Tehsils of Tamilnadu. Physical Map. Outline Map. Tamilnadu Facts. History of Tamilnadu. Festivals in Tamilnadu. Government and Politics.

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Travel to Tamilnadu. Places to visit in Tamilnadu. Temples in Kanyakumari. Shore Temple. Government Museum in Chennai. Vivekananda House. Hotels in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Elections. Parliamentary Constituencies. Tamil Nadu Pincode. Tamil Nadu Std Code.Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Places Near Bangalore. Places Near Kolkata. Places Near Chennai.

Places Near Hyderabad. Places Near Ahmedabad. By Category Beaches. Road Trips.

tamilnadu map

By Country Singapore. View All Collections. Write For Us! Tourist Map of Tamil Nadu. All Destinations in Tamil Nadu Click on a destination to view it on map 1. Rameshwaram 2. Yercaud 3. Kodaikanal 4. Ooty 5. Chennai 6. Auroville 7. Hogenakkal 8. Mahabalipuram 9. Kanyakumari Kanchipuram Madurai Coimbatore Thanjavur Tirunelveli Mudumalai National Park Thiruvannamalai Coonoor Velankanni Dhanushkodi Tuticorin Yelagiri Kumbakonam Chettinad This is a free Excel template that you can use to create heat maps instantly.

You will learn how you can enter your own data in the template to create heat maps. You will also learn the features and options available within the template to customize and extend. A heat map Wikipedia — What is a Heat Map? We use colors to understand the data easily and quickly. Here we will be creating a geographical heat map where the area we will be coloring is a geographic division by district of the state of Tamil Nadu.

INDIAN STATES AND CAPITALS - explained on map of India (easy to learn)

Each district can have a different color based on the data value for that specific district. For example, we can visualize the population distribution by district, literacy rate by district, or any numeric data we have at the district level. There are other types of use cases too, which we will discuss later. Our Excel Template allows you to enter your own data and visualize that instantly. There are currently 32 districts in Tamil Nadu as of March The names in English are sometimes different depending on which source you choose.

We have used Wikipedia — List of Districts as source for the names of districts in English. Disclaimer : We have done our best to create the map outlines as accurately as we can. However, doing it in Excel has its limitations. Gradient Colour scheme will apply the 3-color scale with lowest value being Red and mid-point being Gold and highest value being Green. Colour by Range scheme will allow you to enter data ranges and choose color for each range.

In the table above, we are setting the districts with data values from 1 to less than 10,00, to be Red. From 10,00, to less than 15,00, to be Brown and so on. Any district with value from 40,00, will be colored in Gold. You can customize the ranges as well as the colors. You can create up to 7 ranges and choose from 10 color options. In your case, let us assume that you want to create a data range from 1 to as Red and to as Blue and anything from as Orange.

The following is the data we should enter in the table.

Tamil Nadu Map - Tamil Nadu State Map with Districts

To enter the data ranges, just type over the default numbers. Do not delete the row. You can change colors by selecting from the drop down.

In a separate post, I will explain how to change or add colors. Any district with value less than the first value will use the gradient color scheme by default. In our examples here, we started with 1. So, any negative value will use the gradient color scheme. But you are not limited to only positive values.

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You can also enter Title and Comments that will be displayed on the Map. You can choose to leave them as blank if you want to not have Title and comments. The map will look busy with this option, especially since we have large numbers.

However, you can convert the numbers to be shorter in length and that would make it more readable.Tamil Nadustate of Indialocated in the extreme south of the subcontinent. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the east and south and by the states of Kerala to the west, Karnataka formerly Mysore to the northwest, and Andhra Pradesh to the north. Enclosed by Tamil Nadu along the north-central coast are the enclaves of Puducherry and Karaikal, both of which are part of Puducherry union territory.

Village Maps of Tamil Nadu

The capital is Chennai Madrason the coast in the northeastern portion of the state. The Tamils are especially proud of their Dravidian language and cultureand they have notably resisted attempts by the central government to make Hindi an Indo-Aryan language the sole national language.

While it has an industrial core in Chennai, the state is essentially agricultural. Area 50, square milessquare km. Tamil Nadu is divided naturally between the flat country along the eastern coast and the hilly regions in the north and west. The broadest part of the eastern plains is the fertile Kaveri Cauvery River delta; farther south are the arid flatlands surrounding the cities of Ramanathapuram and Madurai Madura.

Various segments of this mountain range— including the NilgiriAnaimalaiand Palni hills—have peaks exceeding 8, feet 2, metres in elevation. Anai Peakat 8, feet 2, metres in the Anaimalai Hillsis the highest mountain in peninsular India. The lower peaks of the Eastern Ghats and their outliers—locally called the JavadiKalrayan, and Shevaroy hills—run through the centre of the region.

Apart from the rich alluvial soil of the river deltas, the predominant soils of the state are clays, loams, sands, and red laterites soils with a high content of iron oxides and aluminum hydroxide. The black cotton-growing soil known as regur is found in parts of the central, west-central, and southeastern regions of Tamil Nadu. The climate of Tamil Nadu is essentially tropical. The average annual precipitation, falling mainly between October and December, depends on the southwest and northeast monsoons and ranges between 25 and 75 inches and 1, mm a year.

The mountainous and hilly areas, especially in the extreme western part of the state, receive the most precipitation, while the lower-lying southern and southeastern regions receive the least rainfall. Forests cover roughly 15 percent of the state.

At the highest elevations in the Western Ghats, the mountains support subalpine vegetation. Along the eastern side of the Western Ghats and in the hills of the northern and central districts, the plant life is a mixture of evergreen and deciduous species, some of which are markedly adapted to arid conditions. Tamil Nadu has several national parks and more than a dozen wildlife and bird sanctuaries.

These sanctuaries provide a safe habitat for a broad spectrum of fauna, including elephants, gaurs wild cattleNilgiri tahrs goatlike mammalswild boars, sloth bears, and various species of deer. Tigers, leopards, and an assortment of primates, including macaques, langurs, and lorises, also inhabit these areas. Venomous king cobras are among the many species of reptiles that make their home in Tamil Nadu. Woodpeckers and flycatchers are common woodland birds; aquatic birds find a haven at the Vedantangal sanctuary in the south-central part of the state.

As speakers of a Dravidian languagethe Tamilswho constitute the majority of the population, are understood to be descendants of the early inhabitants of India the so-called Dravidianswho were driven southward between about and bce when the Aryans speakers of Indo-Aryan languages descended into the Indian subcontinent. In addition to the Tamils, the population includes various indigenous communitieswho live primarily in the hill regions; these people also speak Dravidian languages.

In Tamil Nadu, as in the rest of the country, the caste system is strong, even though discrimination has been banned by the constitution of India. Members of Scheduled Castes an official category embracing those groups that traditionally occupy low positions within the caste system account for about one-fifth of the population.

Tamilthe official state language, is spoken by most of the people. Other Dravidian languages used within the state include Teluguwhich is spoken by roughly one-tenth of the population, as well as Kannada and Malayalamwhich are spoken by much smaller numbers. In the western region—near the convergence of the borders of Tamil Nadu, Karnatakaand Kerala —Kannada and its dialect Badaga and Malayalam are stronger.

There also is a community of Urdu an Indo-Aryan language speakers. English is used as a subsidiary language. There are, however, notable minorities of Christians and Muslimswith a large concentration of Christians in the far southern segment of the state.

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A small community of Jains is found in northern Tamil Nadu, in and around the cities of Arcot and Chennai. Although Tamil Nadu is one of the most urbanized states of India, more than half the population in the early 21st century continued to live in rural areas.

The Chennai metropolitan region, covering the industrial areas, townships, and villages surrounding Chennai city, has the largest population. Other important urban agglomerations include Coimbatore in western Tamil Nadu, Madurai in the south-central region, and Tiruchchirappalli in the central part of the state.State level administrative maps are given.

Find details on district such as revenue divisions, taluks, blocks, corporation and municipalities, town panchayats and revenue villages, panchayat villages etc. Users can also get information about district collectors. Get information about the Commissionerate of Municipal Administration of Tamil Nadu and its various functions.


Detailed information related to urbanisation in the state, online citizen services, fund release and municipalities corporations etc. Users can also access acts, rules, judgements and orders etc. Users can find information pertaining to tour packages such as general package tour, train tour, LTC tour, optional package tour and summer special offers etc. List of government approved hotels in the state is given. Online booking facility of hotels etc.

Users can find information on the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. Information is given on tourism, administration, municipalities, town Panchayat, industrial sector and election etc. One can also find information on public information officers and education institutes. Find details about Tamil Nadu government, departments, administration, ministers, districts etc.

Get details about welfare schemes for tribals, backward classes, most backward classes and minorities. Information about various online services such as e-Services, commercial taxes, etc. Users can access information related to tourist destinations, temples, wildlife, cuisine, art, culture, music of the state. Details such as tourist office addresses, accommodations, and maps are also available.

Online booking facilities for hotels, tour packages and membership cards are provided. Users can avail virtual tours for various tourist destinations Users have to apply to the Municipal Commissioner of the department with details on water supply, pipes, connection, charges and other materials to be supplied. The form for reconciliation of tax and water records at the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board can be downloaded by the users.

Details regarding Area such as address change, annual value change, adjustment of payment, etc. Details about tax and sl. Information such as applicant's name and address, contact details, address of premises for which connection is required, metrowater area, calculation regarding dwelling units and connection charges, etc.

A declaration should also be made by Users can find out information on various provisions of these rules and their applications. Check the department-wise orders of Tamil Nadu Government.Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. When are you traveling? Clear Dates. View map. Browse by Category. Geologic Formations. Bodies of Water. Historic Sites.

Architectural Buildings. Specialty Museums. National Parks. Outdoor Activities. Educational sites. Traveler Resources. Art Galleries. Ancient Ruins. Shopping Malls. Theme Parks. Art Museums. Private Sightseeing Tours. Cultural Tours. Bus Tours. Luxury Tours. Walking Tours. Shore Excursions. Private Day Trips. Half-day Tours. Multi-day Tours.


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